not to seem to be - but to be

Jeanette Johnsen was born 26th of December 1970 in Denmark. What makes her special - that is up to you to deside, but here are some facts....

  •  Lifelong detication to Darwins theories
  •  Trouble obeying the Jantelaw
  •  Passion for behavior
  •  Passion for music
  •  Passion for understanding
  •  Passion for passion
  •  Passion for logic
  •  Passion for speaking her mind
  •  Passion for great adventures

Strong woman and an expert in her field and highly competent – with lots of practical experience - with a huge network worldwide in the field.

Animal welfare, behavior and human behavior, education and communication are the main headlines of the great professional and personal competence in the field.

In 10, I have been self-employed, with a volume of parallel freelance projects, and have plenty of contact through my professional life as confusingly similar to my leisure. My job is my hobby so working week of 70-80 hours is normal.

Academically networking is the basis for the vast global network of professional contacts at all levels.

2020/01 - Now Danish Sheepfarmers

2019/05 - Now Head editor and founder of

2016/12 - Consultant at Statistics Norway

2014/01- Consultant at Fitjar Stord Landbruks- og Miljøkontor

2012/08 – InfoSheep

Editor and owner of the online magazine for sheepfarmers

2002/07 - Now Team That'll Do CEO

Daily manager, webmaster, PR, teacher, event maker, etc

2009/01 to 2011/01 That Will Do AB CEO.

Daily manager, webmaster, PR, teacher, event maker, etc

2010 - 2011 Danish Sheep farmers

Editor Danish Sheep Breeding professional Journal Sheep, setup sheet and the author of 4 - 5 articles per publication. Web editor of

2002/07 - 2009/01 Subcontractor AMU under the EU

25 different AMU courses in sheep farming with 300 students annually. Provided everything from teaching materials for the implementation of all courses

2000/06 - 2003/01 Ryegaard Agriculture and Forestry

Estate Secretary. Event Making, PR, Webmaster, Secretary, Christmas pate, shepherd

1996/09 - 1998/05 Ministry of Agriculture Research

Practical execution, data processing and analysis of experiments concerning behavior of pigs

1989/09 - 1991/12 Freelance Manager

Contract services with DR

1990/01 to 1991/07 Dyvelslyst

Managing Dir. Culture / venue daily operation of cultural house

1992/09 - 2000/01 KU LIFE SCIENCE

Master and Bachelor in Agricultural Sciences, Agronomist, Spec. in animal science with an emphasis on behavior and welfare of production animals

1996/07 - 1996/09 Culture University '96

Bioethics International course in philosophy and bioethics

1986/08 to 1989/06 RKS

Natural Science Student Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics at a high level

1977/08 to 1986/05 Sct. Joseph's School in Roskilde

Not to seem to be

- but to be

Danish Speaking, Reading, Writing

English Speaking, Reading, Writing

German almost Speaking, Reading, Writing

Norwegian almost Speaking, Reading, Writing

Swedish Speaking, Reading, Writing

B, BE, willingness to use own car in the job