not to seem to be - but to be

Jeanette Johnsen was born 26th of December 1970 in Denmark. What makes her special - that is up to you to deside, but here are some facts....

I find animals, nature and humans very interesting, and that is why I have a need to try to learn to understand what and how makes makes the world go around. Up to now I haven't found any great truths but a lot of little ones. I have found life to be filled with great trouble and great experiences - but never boring.

  •  Lifelong detication to Darwins theories
  •  Trouble obeying the Jantelaw
  •  Passion for behavior
  •  Passion for music
  •  Passion for understanding
  •  Passion for passion
  •  Passion for logic
  •  Passion for speaking her mind
  •  Passion for great adventures

Not to seem to be

- but to be

The world around

I have begun to explore the world around me and the many creatures that lives within

The latest fields of study is the countries on Balkan and in particular Kosovo. In Kosovo I have fund the greatest love of my life, and that motivates me not only to make fieldstudies but also to investigate the foundation and the possible future development of the region.

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The World within

I have begun to process all the observations made in the world around me and theories begin to form

Some migth call it looking at your own navel, but I prefere to call it getting to know myself. Again it could also be called at midlifecrises, but my logic prevents me from useing that expression - I don't expect to die at the age of 88 and most make my current age - 44 - not being at midlife.

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