A drop of blue blood


not to seem to be - but to be

Jeanette Johnsen

Cand. agro

Passion for life

Jeanette Johnsen was born 26th of December 1970 in Denmark. What makes her special - that is up to you to deside, but here are some facts....

  • Lifelong detication to Darwins theories
  • Trouble obeying the Jantelaw
  • Passion for behavior
  • Passion for music
  • Passion for understanding
  • Passion for passion
  • Passion for logic
  • Passion for speaking her mind
  • Passion for great adventures




Not to seem to be

- but to be



I have a drop of the blue blood in my veins, and the family sheild pictured below comes from my mothers and grandmothers side of the family. Adding to that comes being a Baroness of Sealand and being a Lady of Glencoe.